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Arieni first taught herself to bake when she was a teenager with the help of her grandmother’s recipe book. After rounds of practice, market-hopping and series of family functions later, she created Gula Bakery, a home-based bakery that also offered baking classes as Arieni loves teaching and meeting people.

Back then, Arieni would stay up in the wee hours with her loyal sidekick, fondly known as Gula Mummy, to bake and this dedicated mother-daughter duo were unstoppable – with a record-breaking baking session that lasted for 36 hours – and even made their own deliveries to almost every nook and cranny in the Klang Valley! Gula Mummy even volunteered to prepare lunch for Arieni’s students whenever she had them over. Her meals gained so much reputation amongst the students that when the cafe was in the works, a hot kitchen was built just for Gula Mummy.

Two years on, Gula Bakery had morphed into Gula Cakery, which opened its doors in September 2015 for guests to enjoy cakes, classes and comfort under one roof with classic, Gula family fashion.


P.S. we keep all of our media clippings to remind us of how far we’ve come along and to keep ourselves motivated. If you’re looking for some inspiration or motivation, try having a look at our press page.


We want to create a mindset among our students and customers that baking is an everyday thing that is fun and easy to do. If one feels like baking, there should be no hesitation.

Our mission is to help our students achieve their baking goals and grow as bakers, by providing a fun, friendly, and supportive environment where they feel at home and part of a family.

Our Values are Fun, Connection, Celebration, Excellence, Learning, Encouragement and Hospitality.

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  • Arieni Adriena

    Arieni Adriena

    Founder and Head Baker
  • Ariena


    Finance Director
  • Adrien


    Branding Director
  • Nor Aini – Fondly known as GulaMummy

    Nor Aini – Fondly known as GulaMummy

    Head Chef
  • Ken Ritzal – Fondly known as GulaDaddy

    Ken Ritzal – Fondly known as GulaDaddy

    General Manager